Analysing Spousal Associations Working with Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS)

In my class of practising Chinese Astrology, a single of the most widespread questions currently being questioned is what I can foresee about their marriage now and in the upcoming. As a marriage has much achieving effects for lots of parties straight or indirectly concerned, I hope audience will consider this chance to understand some wide strategies of examining the potentials of their individual relationship.

In Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS), there are 12 palaces governing the condition of affairs of an individual’s existence. They are Existence Palace, Siblings’ Palace, Spouse’s Palace, Children’s Palace, Prosperity Palace, Wellness Palace, Travel Palace, Friends’ Palace, Vocation Palace, Estate Palace, Blessings Palace and Parents’ Palace. On major of these 12 Palaces, there are 108 stars that can fall into one particular of these palaces and we can get a great assessment of the point out of affairs of each palace by on the lookout at the stars in each palace and the elemental mother nature of each individual palace. The elemental character of every single palace is depicted by the 12 Earthly Branches or far more usually acknowledged as the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals of Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

As our matter of interest is marriage, the palace of curiosity will be the Spouse’s Palace. The initially step is to glimpse at which of the 12 Earthly Branches the Husband or wife Palace lands on. Of the 12 Earthly Branches, we can group them into the 4 Horses (Tiger, Monkey, Snake and Pig), 4 Storage (Dragon, Pet, Ox and Goat) and 4 Cardinals (Rat, Horse, Rabbit and Rooster). If the Partner Palace falls into the floor of 1 of the 4 Horses, it is very likely to be unstable as Horses represents movements. If the Partner Palace is found in a single of the floor of the 4 Storage, partnership will be much less overt or far more secretive as the title “Storage” lends suggestion to. As for circumstance when Spouse Palace falls on to the ground of the 4 Cardinals, it will surface hunky dory as cardinals are also recognized for substantial romance and attractiveness index in Chinese Metaphysics. Nevertheless, no matter whether the Spousal relationship is superior stays inconclusive as if the spouse is far too appealing, it may perhaps also deliver about adverse attraction from other members of the opposite sex.

The 2nd phase would be to appear the the key Zi Wei Dou Shu Stars residing in the Wife or husband Palace:

If the star is Tian Xiang (Seal Minister), the romance with the husband or wife is superior as there is rapport and conversation through courtship. The husband or wife that a single marries will be beneficial and understanding as Tian Xiang is a gentle star.

If the star is Tian Ji (Heavenly Advisor) or Tian Tong (The Hedonist) or Tian Liang (Heavenly Beam) or Tai Yang (The Sunlight) / Tai Yin (The Moon) the partnership is possible to be amicable. This is because the Tian Ji is kind and smart, Tian Tong is quick heading although Tian Liang is an individual that appears to be soon after the nicely-remaining of individuals people about them. On the other hand as these 3 stars are vulnerable to adjustments, this will mean the spouse may well toss up some shocking decisions alongside the way that may perhaps provide some instability to the relationship. For individuals with The Solar or The Moon in the Spouse’s Palace, there is a likelihood their spouse will be noticeably more mature than themselves as The Sun signifies a senior male whilst The Moon represents a senior woman. In addition that The Sunlight and The Moon signifies Working day vs Night time, possessing either of these stars will also see to the relationship suffering from some variety of extremes like the day or evening can convey about.

If the star residing in the Spouse’s Palace is Zi Wei (The Emperor) or Tian Fu (The Treasurer) or Ju Males (Massive Doorway) or Gu Chen (Lonesome) or Gua Su (Widow) or Bing Fu (Illness), the marriage possibly considerably tough. This is simply because The Emperor and The Treasurer likes to command other folks. Substantial Doorway is in a natural way a skeptical and generally suspecting character which would make the spousal relationship bereft of have faith in. Lonesome and Widow has a lonely streak in them and are lousy communicators. Sickness star also tends to make the spouse a person suspicious character.

If the Tan Lang (Covetous Wolf) or Wen Qu (Poet) or Tian Kui (Indomitable) or Tian Yue (Nobility) independently resides in, or The Sunlight resides jointly with the The Moon in the Spouse’s Palace, the relationship can be greatest explained as tumultuous. This is simply because The Sun when paired with The Moon or Covetous Wolf on its individual, is probable to convey about a third celebration in the marriage. The Sunlight and Moon also signifies the distinction of day and night which figuratively signifies 1 partner in the shiny and another lover whose marriage is stored beneath wraps. Covetous Wolf is recognised as the top rated romance star due to the fact of its its flirtatiousness. Poet, Indomitable and Nobility also signifies mistresses in ancient Zi Wei Dou Shu texts.

If the Spouse’s Palace properties Wu Qu (The Typical) or Po Jun (Resistance Breaker) or Lian Zhen (Chastity) or Qisha (7 Killing), the marriage is on the rocks. The Common is a lonely star that is with no peer and needs to struggle. The Resistance Breaker is about breaking up and normally sees to divorce. Chastity is a star that enjoys just about anything that looks pleasant and provides with it lawful implications (which include divorce as a risk). The 7 Killing is also a further intense star that often pose a good deal of challenge in relationship due to its aggression and non-conformity.