What Are Eyeglass Retainers?

Even though not the most interesting of subjects, the subject of eyeglass retainers is a curious one particular, particularly due to the fact there is no corresponding Wikipedia posting on it, at minimum not at the time of this post.

And yet, whilst there is no Wikipedia article relating to it, a rapid research making use of Google provides an considerable amount of one-way links to merchants both on line and offline offering claimed eyeglass retainers.

But the thriller deepens as the time period “eyeglass retainer” appears to consider on various meaning dependent on which shop or store you check out.

Hence, the subsequent write-up aims to just take the reader by a few unique spots of pertaining to eyeglass retainer knowledge specifically:

  1. The term “retainer” as it applies to eyeglasses
  2. The record and evolution of eyeglass retainers top to the manifestation of the diverse objects offered on-line
  3. Preferred brand names and the advantages and cons of every single variety of eyeglass retainer

The function of going into these detail concerning this non-spectacular subject matter results from the absence of these types of information on the Web and the hopes that this short article will provide as a reference resource for a long run Wikipedia short article on eyeglass retainers, which is in itself seen as a reference resource.

The Phrase “Retainer” As It Applies To Eyeglasses

Currently, the most common utilization of the word “retainer” as it applies to day-to-day dwelling is linked with Orthodontics of which an post in Wikipedia does exist even though it is far from exhaustive. We are informed that dental retainers are products produced of wires or plastic which are worn to realign the teeth. While there are no official stats with regards to the real proportion of orthodontic retainer wearers globally, experientially, most of us at just one time or another know of somebody who has worn them.

And so we acquire a step back again and talk to the dictionary in research of a contextual this means for “retainer” and Merriam-Webster obliges us with the following definition: a machine or structure that retains some thing in location. And by natural means, as an example it references dental retainers to illustrate its which means.

So we (referring to all those of us who really have on glasses) slowly but surely start to see how retainers occur into play in regards to eyeglasses. Eyeglass retainers keep the glasses in location. Which begs the problem: in what way do eyeglasses have to be held in put?

The remedy is that with extended have on, eyeglasses are inclined to slip down our noses and the outcome is that a lot of of us expend a substantial proportion of our working day pushing up our slipping eyeglasses. So substantially so that it is just not uncommon to be pushing up one’s glasses at least after every single two or three minutes, which simply is effective out to quite a few hundred moments per working day if we subtract the sleeping hours.

Now right before we proceed, allow us make it possible for, that pertaining to slipping eyeglasses, we use the term eyeglass to refer to not only prescription lenses with frames, but to indicate all this sort of frames and lenses whether or not widespread use or sun shades, prescription or in any other case.

So pertaining to our very first of 3 conversations: eyeglass retainers are equipment which avoid eyeglasses from slipping down your nose.

The Record And Evolution Of Eyeglass Retainers Primary To The Manifestation Of Distinctive Objects Sold On the net

Any endeavor at a related historical past of eyeglass retainers really should start off with Cause. As pointed out in the preceding section, the need to have for eyeglass retainers arrived about for the reason that eyeglass wearers located them selves in a incredibly not comfortable place: their eyeglasses continually slipped down their faces. But why do eyeglasses slip in the initial position? Underneath we checklist and go briefly into the major twelve causes:

  1. Unwell-fitted or non-equipped eyeglasses
  2. Inexpensive high quality eyeglasses
  3. Deformed eyeglasses
  4. Irregular head shape
  5. Asymmetrical ear to nose length
  6. Flat noses
  7. Lack of nose pads
  8. Hefty prescriptions
  9. Paddle temples
  10. Temple ideas
  11. Oily complexion
  12. Perspiration

Unwell-fitted or non-fitted eyeglasses

For those people who are in a position to expend upwards of a thousand dollars on a pair of high-quality frames, improperly-fitted glasses usually are not a dilemma. In these situations, a veteran optometrist or eye treatment experienced diligently considers the shape of your head, the placement of remaining and suitable ear, and tends to make adjustments to the frames with particular resources and heating equipment to personalize them for your own comfort. The fitting process typically takes about 10-15 minutes and as a consequence, your eyeglasses sit thoroughly on your head. Although such cautious fitting does rule out slipping glasses in most circumstances, particular person things like perspiration and bodily exercise however lead to eyeglasses to slip irrespective of how expertly the glasses were being equipped in the initially position.

Affordable top quality glasses

And then you will find the rest of us. Most of us opt for low-cost eyeglasses, purchased from reduced finish shops or maybe on the internet in which fitting is either not completed thoroughly or not performed at all. As a consequence, eyeglass slipping is commonplace.

Deformed eyeglasses

Day by day dress in and tear results in glasses to be deformed particularly for young ones and teens with their tough and tumble modes of existence these kinds of as staying struck in the eyeglasses with a ball or negligently sitting on one’s glasses. As a outcome the little one corrects any deformities with brute drive creating the glasses to be out of form, but even now functional. Usually, a guardian assists bend the eyeglasses back into shape, either due to the fact the method of bringing the glasses to an eyecare skilled is too inconvenient or not feasible (as in the case with glasses bought on line). Either way, the outcome is the similar. Glasses that are deformed and certain to slip.

Irregular head shape

We’d all like to think that we are ideal and that our skulls are correctly egg-shaped but the actuality is that no two skulls are alike. As a result, common glasses match far better for some than other folks. These variations lead to diverse degrees of eyeglass slipping.

Asymmetrical ear to nose length

Alongside the similar traces of irregular head condition, it can be normal to imagine that the length from our remaining ear to our nose is the exact distance as our suitable ear to our nose, but this just is just not the case. Just as one particular of arms is more time than the other, 1 of our eyes is even bigger than the other, a person of our legs is lengthier than the other, so it goes that the left ear nose length and the suitable ear nose distance is just not the exact. But eyeglass temples (the arms that go over your ears) weren’t built that way. Eyeglass body suppliers make glasses as if the earth was symmetrical and the degree by which you are asymmetrical decides how substantially and how normally your eyeglasses slip down your encounter.

Flat noses

Dependent on the fashion of eyeglass frame and style of lens, eyeglasses can be pretty heavy. This is notably correct of gold-tinted frames from superior close models like Cartier and large prescription glass lenses. Of the a few parts by which eyeglasses make get hold of with our heads, specifically the two ears and nose, it is the nose which bears the majority of eyeglass bodyweight. People with flat noses are not ready to support the total excess weight of their eyeglasses and consequently undergo from falling eyeglasses to a greater excessive.

Absence of nose pads

A lot of sporting activities and plastic frames come with bridges which really don’t aid nose pads for consolation and tailor made aid. Of the 4 bridge kinds: keyhole, saddle, double, and adjustable, only the final variety provides nose pads for much better defense towards slipping glasses.

Major prescriptions

If you have genuinely negative eyesight and you pick glass lenses, then your eyeglasses will be really entrance major. That causes the front to rear ratio to be really significant and further potential customers to eyeglass slipping.

Paddle temples

Of the five styles of temples, which are the areas of the frames which go around the ears, specifically: skull, comfort and ease-cable, using bow, spring-hinge, and library, individuals who pick out the final expose on their own to the best degree of eyeglass slipping mainly because library temple, also acknowledged as paddle temples, are straight so they can be put on and eradicated conveniently. The simplicity by which they can be eliminated is equaled the by ease by which they slip of your nose due to the fact they never hook and as a result wrap close to your ears for additional steadiness..

Temple suggestions

Temple guidelines are the plastic coating which goes in excess of the temples. This plastic coating is easy and obviously slippery, more so when oil and sweat arrive into perform generating the foundation for excessively slipping eyeglasses.

Oily complexion

It really is a purely natural truth about human physiology that some men and women are a lot more glandular than others. That’s why, in the heady environment of woman’s elegance items there is a complete location of pores and skin treatment linked to suppressing facial oil most typically through the use blotting or astringent type goods. When handy for the T-zone, slipping eyeglasses outcome from oily skin in the cranium place earlier mentioned and powering the ears.


Maybe the one most important explanation for eyeglass slipping is from perspiring. Perspiring brings about the area all around your ears and nose to develop into slippery. In all 3 regions, details of get in touch with are currently marked by slippery surfaces. The plastic temple ideas grow to be a lot more slippery when wet, as do the nose pads. Sweating occurs to all of us at just one time or yet another, but the challenge of slipping glasses is even much more profound for Hyperhidrosis sufferers who sweat for the reason that they’re anxious which tends to make them a lot more nervous ensuing in a vicious positive comments loop.

Now that we’ve gotten the induce out of the way, let us seem at the evolutionary advancement of procedures to offer with slipping eyeglasses from a historic standpoint.

Eyeglass Chains

All through the 70s and 80s, we observed the increase of eyeglass chains as a preventative evaluate from eyeglass slipping. Nevertheless eyeglass chains have been all over much for a longer time than that, their goal and as a final result their utilization was significantly diverse right before this time. Prior to the final various a long time, eyeglass chains had been used by persons to stay linked with their eyeglasses. More mature eyeglass wearers wore eyeglass chains so they wouldn’t neglect in which they set their eyeglasses. The precise mechanism by which the chains connected to your temples was by means of loops at the stop of the chain which suit around the temple suggestions. Envision a lasso in excess of a fencepost.

Eyeglass Cords

With the gradual raise of eyeglass wearers and the will need for eyeglass chains, enterprising people sought to substitute eyeglass chains made of metal with eyeglass cords created with cloth. The overriding purpose was of system charge savings. Yet again, the genuine system by which the cords attached to your temples was the exact as that made use of by eyeglass chains, through the use of loops, often made of plastic or fabric at the finishes of the cords which match in excess of the temple strategies. Picture a lasso above a fencepost.

Eyeglass Straps

A decade later on, saw the ushering in of a new eyeglass anti-slipping product: eyeglass straps. The place chains and cords were being mainly readily available from optometrists and pharmacies, eyeglass straps were being also marketed in sporting items outlets too, opening up retainers to a bigger viewers. In time, eyeglass wearers have been comforted to know they could enjoy leisurely activities like canoeing, badminton, golfing devoid of the want to acquire particular goggles or sporting activities eyeglasses. What is much more, eyeglass straps had been incredibly low cost to develop supplied that there were manufactured from rubber derivatives like neoprene. In contrast to the loop design of attachment as seen with chains and cords, each ends of the strap were being furnished with ingesting straw like enclosures which slipped onto your eyeglass frames.

It is exciting to note that the proliferation of early eyeglass retainers was a immediate final result of expense cost savings connected with remaining equipped to wear your every day glasses while savoring leisure routines. Shopping for prescription sporting activities goggles might value several hundred pounds although the value of an eyeglass strap, chain, or wire was in the range of five to 10 pounds dependent on style and composition.

Temple Attachments

In the past 10 years, we noticed the improvement of eyeglass retainer attachments as an alternative to string variety eyeglass retainers. Whereas straps, cords, and chains are single piece goods, attachments are built of cloth, appear in pairs, and slide in excess of the temple ideas. There is no intervening rope-like relationship concerning the two temple ends.

Temple Grips

Incorporating a entirely style and design philosophy around rope variety retainers, temple grips come in pairs and go more than each individual temple. Even though similar to temple attachments, they vary in form. Temple grips are essentially rubber tubes which slide over the eyeglass temples.

Eyeglass Cables

Rope-variety retainers saw a little bit of comeback lately with the introduction of eyeglass retainer cables. Unique from previous models, they do not slide on your neck, but stay suspended in the air owing to their rigid material composition.

Eyeglass Retainer Hooks

The most current generation of eyeglass retainer, popularized in the very last few decades, are retainer hooks which are a further more progress of temple grips making use of innovation in condition, dimensions, material composition, and discreetness. Whereas temple grips are extensive tubes, retainer hooks are boomerang or L-formed. The exceptional form assists them go on your eyeglasses simpler. What is far more, the hook component matches over your ears as an more layer of anti-slip prevention. Lastly for the reason that of design and style innovation they are compact and come in transparent elements to not draw notice to the wearer.

Well-known Brand name Names And The Pros And Cons Of Each individual Kind Of Eyeglass Retainer

Eyeglass Chains

Preferred Brand names: Moonbabies

Positive aspects

Familiarity is the major explanation to decide on an eyeglass chain to reduce glasses from slipping. They have practically been about permanently and can be identified at most eyeglass stores. What is actually a lot more, you will never misplace your eyeglasses as they are suspended around your neck by way of your eyeglass chain.


Usually they are additional pricey than eyeglass cords or straps. In addition because they are usually involved with an more mature demographic, young men and women may well feel uncomfortable wearing them from a self-esteem standpoint. On top of that, as noted earlier mentioned, two “onboard” factors why eyeglasses slip are because they are slippery at the temple recommendations part and they are entrance major simply because of the lenses. While eyeglass chains hold the eyeglasses in location and offer you a counterbalance to front heavy equilibrium, they do not seriously handle the issue of slippery temple ideas. As a result, eyeglass slipping isn’t really proficiently dealt with. On top of that, when glasses are worn, the chain falls on the back again of the neck and makes a friction drag influence on clothes thereby rendering eyeglass chains considerably awkward. Some folks keep away from these types of retainers for anxiety of folks coming from behind and pulling on them as a prank or joke.

Eyeglass Cords

Preferred Manufacturers: Pals


Availability, currently being cheap and plentiful are some of the biggest motives to put on eyeglass cords. And just like with eyeglass chains, you will hardly ever lose your eyeglasses given that they’re hanging about your neck when you happen to be not donning them.


Eyeglass cords enchantment to an more mature demographic and are ordinarily out of favor by younger people today. What is extra, doing work pros have a tendency to remain away from this form of eyeglass retainer since it attracts interest to the wearer and seems out of position when worn with a company accommodate. Eventually, as with eyeglass chains, the two “onboard” causes why eyeglasses slip is for the reason that they are slippery at the temple ideas area and they are entrance heavy. While eyeglass cords keep the glasses in area and supply a counterbalance to entrance significant balance, they do not truly handle the situation of slippery temple recommendations. As a outcome, eyeglass slipping isn’t properly averted. Newer generation cords, slip around the full temple so that the wire is worn more than your ears but the twine finishes do not adhere to the temple area very properly. This prospects to your glass slipping out of the cord sockets. Yet again, slipping is not proficiently prevented. Furthermore, when glasses are worn, the cord falls on the again of the neck and generates a drag friction outcome on clothing thereby rendering them relatively uncomfortable. Finally, simply because eyeglass cords are commonly created of cloth, they pick up smells originating from human sweat and can speedily become unhygienic requiring recurrent washings. Some folks keep absent from these sorts of retainers for worry of men and women coming from behind and pulling on them as a prank or joke.

Eyeglass Straps

Popular Brands: Croakies, Pals


Extremely reasonably priced and light-weight-weight. Uncomplicated to retailer, easy to use and take out. Produced of neoprene or other “prene” type materials so they do not soak up smells like cloth does. What is more, due to the fact the strap finishes go about the temple tips and over your ears they provide cushioning which is an included reward when your eyeglasses are truly heavy.


In contrast to eyeglass chains or cords, straps usually are not suitable for hanging your glasses on your neck. If you tried that possibilities are they’d fall out of the strap sockets. What is actually a lot more, doing work industry experts are likely to stay absent from this style of eyeglass retainer simply because it draws attention to the wearer and appears to be like out of place when worn with a organization match. About content composition, neoprene on temple plastic won’t create more than enough friction so despite the fact that the strap finishes which are in get hold of with your ears don’t slip, the temples may and normally do slip from inside the sockets of the strap finishes. Later generations have attempted to offer with this challenge working with rubber strap ends. Lastly, as the strap lies on your neck when your eyeglasses are worn, a drag impact is designed when the straps make make contact with with your shirt collar or clothing. This restricts motion and can be irksome. The moment all over again as with other string-form retainers, some persons remain away from eyeglass straps for worry of individuals coming from behind and pulling on them as a prank or joke.

Temple Attachments

Well known Brands: Wedgees


Really economical and easy to use. Temple attachment are made of cloth and resemble mini-oven mitts you slip about the temples of your glasses.

Down sides

Mainly because they are designed of fabric, they tend to soak up sweat and odors and call for frequent washing (day by day) which swiftly frays the content leading to deterioration.

Temple Grips

Common Brands: Templegrips


Pretty reasonably priced. Fantastic anti-slipping device as after in location they provide a non-slippery area speak to with your ears.


Simply because temple grips are basically extended rubber tubes, it is sometimes a very little hard to place them on. You mainly have to run the complete rubber duration about your temple ends and this gets a difficulty mainly because of the friction involved.

Eyeglass Cables

Well known Brand names: Cablz, Croakies


Newer generation technological innovation based on rope variety eyewear retainer layouts, they search fashionable and futuristic. Has two socket finishes which slide about temples for snugness. Won’t sit on neck so there is no restriction of movement. Significant-durability because they are built of surgical metal.


Charges are double in comparison to most other retainers. Also extremely obvious so certainly not an option for business or formal occasions. Some persons keep absent from these kinds of retainers for worry of people today coming from guiding and pulling on them as a prank or joke.

Eyeglass Retainer Hooks

Well-known Brands: Keepons


Very affordable, eyeglass retainer hooks attach effortlessly by sliding onto your eyeglass temples. They have a hollow aperture which is shorter in size in comparison to temple grips, making them considerably less complicated to connect. The top rated part of the rubber hook helps make get hold of with your ears and won’t slip even when your head is sweaty. The bottom portion of the retainer wraps all over your ears for superior healthy and hook functioning, a characteristic lacking on temple grips which are tube shaped and not L-hook formed. What’s more, mainly because most retainer hooks are compact and clear, it is difficult for men and women to discover you are carrying them generating them best for all events primarily business enterprise or official settings.


In contrast to eyeglass chains, cords, straps, and cables, eyeglass retainer hooks do not make it possible for you the usefulness of hanging your eyeglasses off your neck.


Although certainly not the stuff of page-turning thrillers, eyeglass retainers have a extensive and abundant social and financial historical past as it relates to man’s battle from the discomfort of slipping eyeglasses. Get it absent, Wikipedia!