Remaining Non-Linear Minded In A Linear Minded Globe

I am a non-linear minded man or woman! This is my daily life!

If you are asking “What is a non-linear brain?” – you are probably in that super bulk of persons who have a linear thoughts! And you genuinely do not have an understanding of what it is like to not be a single of your linear kinds.

That small % of us who are non-linear minded “get it.” We even recognize that you “do not get it.”

What is a non-linear brain? A thoughts that is continuously in movement – scanning, wondering, making, leaping from position a to level h with out seeming to pass via b to g. We non-linear minded individuals could [at some time] inform you the b as a result of g section – we just really don’t see a require to include it in the dialogue appropriate then.

Conversations in between two or much more non-linear minded men and women may seem bizarre to the linear minded – but the persons getting the discussion fully grasp every other quite properly.

Why are we non-linear? It is most likely genetically based mostly but it can be motivated by one’s atmosphere – considerably like all of advancement. But as we live in a linear society – we are uncovered to that type of thought much more than the non-linear. And in our lifestyle – we seem to be to now have a idea that small children who display screen the over listed non-linear features are Increase/ADHD and in will need of meds. [I have a huge bias about this topic and the labeling is a pitfall for the non-linear child.]

What are some of the particular benefits?


  • Seldom brain remaining by itself as they have pretty lively imaginations
  • Love to go through – and in the absence of books – dictionaries and well-liked publications [on any topic] will normally suffice
  • Are likely to be inventive – they can write, attract, sculpt, do pictures, and so forth. [or all of these]
  • Are at ease socializing in most situations as they can see all points of watch and are somewhat accepting of other’s quirks [they may not agree with other’s opinions but they understand them]

And advantages for other people?

  • non-linears are exciting to chat with if you want conversations on a selection of subject areas and you will not intellect the mental jumps

And some prospective downsides?


  • can get dropped in the internet [or the library or bookstore] as it is ALL so fascinating
  • may perhaps not finish the jobs they start out since something extra interesting will come alongside
  • may perhaps not follow a protected career route and not have a main desire in retirement cash or pensions
  • may possibly be seen as Add/ADHD

In general, I like getting non-linear as the entire world is switching and is beginning to consider and purpose in much more non-linear vogue. And now is the time for that non-linear creativeness in anyone to be inspired!

Especially in the youngsters!